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The Jury of StreetProjections 2018

We are delighted to present the international jury Wir freuen uns die internationale Jury vorstellen zu können.   Bas Losekoot (Amsterdam)Photographer and Winner of the StreetProjections 2016  Bas Losekoot is a Dutch artist and photographer, concerned with socio-cultural issues in cities around the world. Working with cinematographic apparatus, he is challenging our understanding of reality in everyday city-life as well as the limited narrative potential of representations of truth in documentary photography.     Wolfgang Zurborn (Köln)Photographer, Teacher and Founder of the Lichtblick School Streetphotography is a constant source of inspiration for Wolfgang Zurborn’s artistic process. His photographs tend towards collage despite their documentary aspects. Their chaos of forms and wealth of colour tend to become independent.    Norbert Wiesneth (Berlin)Photographer, Curator and...

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