Presentation of PhotoWerkBerlin @ Founding Arts Session

The Funding Arts Sessions show new strategies in the art scene regarding funding opportunities for artistic research and art projects. In this session we would like to discuss Start-up models which are born from cooperation of group of artists in order to support artistic practice and the local art community. 

Funded by berlinerpool artists Art&Tours/Stefania Migliorati and Photowerk Berlin/Norbert Wiesneth and winner of Degewo-Gründerpreis 2011 Material-Mafia/ Katja von Helldorff will present their project idea and first experiences in the field. Give insights in the structure of the project, talk about risks and possibilities, present the values that drive the concept and talk about possible co-operations. 

Art&Tours Berlin proposes a programme of contemporary art and architecture guided tours that deepens known routes with experimental & underground itineraries, providing a transforming experience for all art enthusiasts.

PhotoWerkBerlin is a platform for photographic discoveries in Berlin driven by local artists.

Material-Mafia is a start-up social business who facilitates the access to recycled resources and show creative ways of using them. Material Mafia is a mediator between givers – Instituions, Museums, Concerns- and Users who are usually: artists, schools, designers... The two main goals are: to preserve the environment and overproduction of waste and to support cultural projects with cheap materials.

March 1st 2013 from 7:30 pm 

Apartment Project Berlin Hertzbergstr 13, Neukölln , 12055 Berlin

Organized by berlinerpool in cooperation with Apartment Project Berlin.